Intricate Bay Lodge LLC. IBL will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to participants or personal property or for expenses or delays incurred as a result of weather, routing delays or other conditions.

  • Intricate Bay Lodge LLC reserves the right to make changes and alterations in itinerary as may be necessary for safety and proper handling of all excursions. Daily fly-out is subject to weather and other safety considerations. An average of 10 entire days out of 115 per season are no-fly days due to extreme inclement weather. It is reasonable to expect that inclement weather could affect and influence operations at least a portion of one day per week.
  • Intricate Bay Lodge LLC makes substantial effort to assure a safe trip; however, outdoor activities of this nature are not “risk free”. All guests have the responsibility to disclose to Intricate Bay Lodge LLC any special medical, physical or dietary conditions.
  • Intricate Bay Lodge LLC recommends that you secure travel and trip cancellation insurance.
  • All rates are subject to change without notice, but will not change once a reservation is confirmed.
  • Intricate Bay Lodge LLC reserves the right to deny a reservation request for any reason.
  • Intricate Bay Lodge LLC reserves the right to cancel a trip anytime during its delivery without recourse or redress if a guest behaves in a manner deemed to be lawbreaking and/or dangerous, lewd, belligerent or disruptive to other persons.

Please call (412) 527 9346 if you have any questions regarding the content or intent of this disclosure and responsibility statement.

A disclosure and responsibility statement will be provided for each guest, which must be read, comprehended, signed and returned to Intricate Bay Lodge LLC before commencement of activities can begin at Intricate Bay Lodge. We recommend that you do so immediately upon receiving your initial invoice then return it with your deposit. If a signed copy of this form is not received by Intricate Bay Lodge LLC by the time of your arrival at Intricate Bay Lodge, a copy of this form will be immediately presented for signature and date. If a guest refuses to read, sign and date this form, Intricate Bay Lodge LLC reserves the right to refuse to provide services and will cancel the trip without recourse or redress.