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…Paddle to pinnipeds.

Iliamna Lake is home to one of only two known freshwater seal colonies in the world. The other colony lives in the fresh water of Lake Baikal, Russia.

This is a rare opportunity for scientific discovery. The seals have inhabited Iliamna Lake for a long time, but we know very little about them. People simply assumed that, as winter approached, the seals swam back down the Kvichak River that drains Iliamna Lake into Bristol Bay. However, after discussing this theory with friends, we joined together on a mid-winter expedition to Iliamna Lake and successfully documented that the freshwater seals do in fact spend their winters here!

We currently know their location on a flat island en route from the city of Iliamna to Intricate Bay Lodge. In the summer of 2015, we expect to be visiting these seals on one of our Alaskan kayak tours.


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