Fly Fishing Shows: Come Meet Us in Person and Win a Free Trip!

Attention, Anglers! This year Intricate Bay Lodge is participating in the Fly Fishing Show at four locations and donating a massive door prize. Visiting us at one of the shows is a good opportunity to meet our owner and some of the staff in person, discuss your possible Bristol Bay vacation and ask any questions you [...]

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Something to Fish For

As it is almost the middle of the off-season, we are making plans to participate in several trade shows and booking trips for the next summer. Being caring hosts, we give our booking and prospective guests as much information on their future trip as possible. We provide a thorough description of what a vacation with [...]

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All Kinds of Fun at Intricate Bay Lodge

  One week prior to the end of the season Intricate Bay Lodge was lucky to host an Alaskan adventure for a great group of eight. Enthusiastic, active, curious and fun-loving, they were extremely willing to try everything Alaska had to offer.  The report on their trip made perfect material for a blog entry on [...]

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Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Johnston!

The first half of September is a great time to be in Alaska. The salmon are dropping their eggs, the rainbows have started their feeding frenzy alongside the bears, which makes for great fishing topped off with amazing bear viewing.  At this time of the year the only way to make your Alaskan adventure more [...]

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Ray, Mike and The Texas Trio: “Hello, Dolly!” and many more.

When people who are relatively new to fly-fishing hear what the fish on the photo above is called, they often ask: "Dolly what? Dolly Parton?" It makes more experienced anglers have a good laugh, tell a few Dolly Parton jokes and then explain how the name really spells. That beautiful fish our guest Ray caught has [...]

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Tough Weather, Tougher Group

In Alaska they say you either earn good weather or pay for it. Lately we've been starting almost every blog by bragging about the lovely weather we had, so it was clear that our bill would be due sooner then later. And it was - on the third week of August we payed and payed [...]

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Sweitzers: Six River Experience.

What comes to mind, when you think about a week at a fly-out lodge in remote Alaska? Flying over crystal clear lakes and snow-capped mountains, fishing pristine rivers where every other fish is a trophy and you sometimes have the whole fishery to yourself... No wonder our guests try to do as many  fly-outs as possible [...]

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Father and Son, Trout Slayers from Seattle

The second week of August at Intricate Bay Lodge began with great weather, awesome fishing and interesting wild life encounters. The Alaskan sun kept shining, brown bears and their numerous cubs played and feasted on the salmon, not paying any attention to the anglers. Most importantly the fish behaved exactly the way we wanted them [...]

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August Began with Casting and Shooting

On the first week of August Intricate Bay Lodge had a special guest - photographer and videographer Dave McCoy. Thanks to his creative eye, professional demeanor and fancy equipment beautiful rainbow trout, numerous sockeye, grayling and many other fish beauties finally got their moments of glory. They posed and acted for Dave's underwater photos and [...]

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