Good Friends & Good Fishing

Good Friends & Good Fishing

Intricate Bay Lodge had a very non-typical behind the scene season.  Building a lodge and operating out of temporary structures presented many challenges, some were foreseen and many were surprises.  We are glad to say that our 2014 guests did not feel these pressures and experienced exactly what has become expected from an Alaskan Fishing Adventure with Intricate Bay Lodge.  Great fishing, great guides, great food, and a courteous, caring and considerate staff adding a personal touch.
The weather and the fishing cooperated all season long. The rivers were running at below average flows for much of June and July do to an early warm Spring and mild Winter (little snow pack).  This made for great dry fly fishing and easy targeting of the very abundant sockeye salmon.  The rains came in late July and along with it the spawn.  The cooler water temps and the spawning salmon ensured a feeding frenzy that lasted till mid September, at which time rainbows suffering form obesity began targeting large leeches and flesh patterns.  The season ended with mild conditions and the fishing remained good.  The rainbows were fat and happy and look to winter just fine. 2015 should be good. We were glad to have more couples at Intricate Bay Lodge this season.  We feel with all our comforts, amenities and non-fishing activities, IBL is a great fit for couples.

Good friends and good fishing


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2014 Alaska Day 08 Lower Copper 030

A note from a guest and friend:

Dear Brian,
   I wanted to wait until now to let you know how much our family enjoyed (once again) our experience with you and the staff of Intricate Bay Lodge. We recognize that you faced some dramatic hurdles with construction, guest and staff living areas, staff changes and budget, but in our eyes you handled those challenges very well.  Our family experienced rich visual experiences as well as excellent fishing on a remarkable variety of rivers. Our guides (especially the one we had on our first day!!) were helpful and pleasant. We all had a sense of safety, good judgment and competence whenever we were on fly outs with Joe. We also enjoyed the camaraderie at meal time and afterward led by you and your staff.  Kevin, the chef, seemed to handle the challenge as well without showing any sense of chaos or strain.
   I hope that the season ended on a high note for you with the much anticipated completion of the lodge, good weather, good fishing and most of all, no more surprises.  My brother and his family just shared their pictures with Peter and I and couldn’ t be more excited about returning, as we are, for another year and enjoying your new digs (remember wall hooks, hooks, hooks).
   I am including a picture of Jud with his fish on the Moraine.
Jud on the Moraine

Jud on the Moraine

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