Opening Trout Fishing Week Alaska 2015

Opening week fishing Report for Copper River and Gibralter River out of Intricate Bay Lodge; Weather has been perfect, almost too perfect!  70 degrees and sunny all week. The clients are having a blast! Fishing with dry flies and leeches, hookups have been frequent. Not too many bears around just yet, which makes it easier [...]

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Top 10 Alaskan Fishing Trips under $6000

There's a great article on Alaska Fishing Lodges with a feature article on Intricate Bay Lodge's fishing experience. The article gives a nice summary of the daily routine and lodge location in Bristol Bay. It touches on the pieces of art from Chef Kevin including homemade desserts, seafood, lamb, steak and salmon cooked to perfection, [...]

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Good Friends & Good Fishing

Intricate Bay Lodge had a very non-typical behind the scene season.  Building a lodge and operating out of temporary structures presented many challenges, some were foreseen and many were surprises.  We are glad to say that our 2014 guests did not feel these pressures and experienced exactly what has become expected from an Alaskan Fishing [...]

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Catching up from a busy summer at Intricate Bay Lodge

Trying to build a lodge in remote Alaska in just one very short building season is quite an undertaking by itself, building a lodge and satisfying 90 fisherman sounds almost impossible. A challenge so daunting, not many including myself (Brian Harry owner/operator ) was 100 percent confident it could be accomplished. We as a team [...]

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Fishing Season 2013 at Intricate Bay Lodge Starts June 8th!

Dear Friends! The start of the Fishing Season 2013 is just around the corner! As Intricate Bay Lodge's staff is getting ready to provide great service and memorable fishing experience to our guests, we'd like to announce the fact that we still have some spaces available here and there throughout the Season. So if you [...]

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What’s New with Intricate Bay Lodge

As the 2013 Alaskan Fishing Season is right around the corner, we are looking forward to heading back to the Bristol Bay Region to open the lodge after the long winter and get everything ready for our dear guests. Opening week will start June 8th, it should be great for catching those big rainbows on [...]

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Fly Fishing Shows: Come Meet Us in Person and Win a Free Trip!

Attention, Anglers! This year Intricate Bay Lodge is participating in the Fly Fishing Show at four locations and donating a massive door prize. Visiting us at one of the shows is a good opportunity to meet our owner and some of the staff in person, discuss your possible Bristol Bay vacation and ask any questions you [...]

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