Alaska Fly-Out Fishing Lodge

Think back to your favorite childhood memory…hot chocolate on a cold day, marshmallows around the campfire. That’s the feeling you get at Intricate Bay Lodge. There are other lodges scattered throughout the Bristol Bay area, but none that offer the intimate, personal, and quality experience found at Intricate Bay Lodge.

Intricate Bay Lodge is a small, personable operation with four private double occupancy guest rooms. Cup your hands around a big mug of fragrant coffee, kick back in a comfortable chair while the fireplace and the conversation warm the room. Then close your eyes, and try to decide whether you’re staying at an old friend’s log cabin retreat or a professional fishing operation. At the lodge, it’s hard to tell the difference.

You will experience unrivaled personal service and attention, along with all the amenities you’d expect in a fine hotel: wireless internet, satellite TV and spacious bedrooms with wall-to-wall carpeting and private baths. Singles can have a private room, while couples can get a room with attached bath. Despite its remote location (after all, we’re here for the fish), the lodge has 24-hour electricity, courtesy of an eco-friendly inverter system that reduces generator use.

On the deck, share fishing stories that, for once, require no embellishment. Marvel at the magnificent view of the sun setting over Lake Iliamna while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. Weekly barbecues are held on the deck, with propane heaters to keep you cozy.

Move to the dining room and savor a delicious meal prepared to perfection by the full time, professional chef. When you’re finished, tie a few flies on the well-equipped bench, locate tomorrow’s secret spot on the big wall map or retire to the spacious common room, sink into a comfortable chair and swap stories with friends new and old. Camaraderie, comfort, great food, quiet beauty and the anticipation of a new adventure tomorrow…that’s Intricate Bay Lodge.


I just spent a week at the new lodge, and I was blown away. Everything is perfect.  Since this is a small-scale, remote, off-the-grid, commercial fly fishing lodge in Alaska, every design choice was critical – driving cost, functionality and the business model itself.

Your contribution didn’t end with the design. You helped us through the engineering, production, shipping and construction stages with unwavering commitment and a can-do attitude. This was, I expect, even more complicated than usual given that our owners are in New York and California, you are in Seattle, production is in BC and the build site is in Alaska! The shipment had seven handoffs – alternating with 3 truck segments and 4 barge segments.  Everything ended up in the right place and fit together as intended.  It is beautiful

This was a remarkable experience. You should be proud and confident to know that the lodge will operate for years and years to come, giving hundreds of people a dream-vacation experience in a very special place. The building, and your design, are a fundamental part of that experience.

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